1. Is it worth it to join lolitahaze.webs.com now that girlsense is closed?

    Of course! Although this site was originally created to enhance the girlsense experience by having a way to share contests and boutiques, we also have a ton of topics about fashion and even art and writing that continue to bring people back even after they decide to quit girlsense.

    Even if fashion isn't your thing, you get the chance to play fun games and talk to girls like you :)

  2. What are some other sites like girlsense?

    Many of you probably have heard of stardoll or polyvore. You may have seen countless boutiques with names of people's accounts within the finals weeks of girlsense closing. A lot of girlsense members on this site are also members on those sites too, just talk to any of them to see how you can get back in touch with girlsense members.

  3. Will Girlsense come back?

    Well, I sadly believe that it won't...unless they find the resources to bring back the design studio. According to some members on LHwebs, it has to do with how the site was sponsored by some company, and they decided not to fun the site anymore. Also they had a bunch of kiddonet activities that nobody really used in addition to a bunch of old accounts that took up space. I think all of this combined made it too difficult for them to afford.
    I mean, there were also a lot of petitions that members tried to start in order to save girlsense. Unfortunately, they didn't work. Maybe in the future another site will start with the same fashion design capabilities as girlsense! In the meantime we'll have to settle for the alternatives.

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  1. Why can't I register?

    For some reason I've noticed that addresses from aol.com have more trouble getting the confirmation email after signing up. This may be your spam settings or maybe you just need to use a new email.
    I know that hotmail.com and live.com tend to work and it's pretty simple to create a new email address just to get the confirmation.

  2. Is this site safe?

    We have a team of moderators and admins who try to come on often to regulate inapporpriate posts, but really we haven't had a problem with this! All the users I've encountered don't use bad words and are super polite!

    All of you may know that even girlsense.com could not completely control the inappropriate behavior going on in its auctions. (there's a post somewhere on this site about it) This is probably because they had so many members and could not regulate all of it. At the moment, we only have 1000 or so members and it's been easy to regulate. When we have more people join, there will be a need for more mods (if you're interested in the position feel free to message me or any of the current admins)

  3. I have a bunch of ideas for the blog! How can I become a writer?

    If you're interested in becoming a writer for the blog, feel free to show your work to me or any of the admins! Whether it's makeup tutorials or DIY ideas, or even about new fashion trends you've seen at school or whatnot, write about it and we can post it to the blog for you. If you want to create a series or a web magazine, we can even give you special privileges to add the blog posts yourself!

    If you're interested in getting into journalism or writing, or even if you're serious about getting into the fashion industry, this is a great opportunity to test it out and share your talent :)

  4. Why is the site named LolitaHaze?

    Well, the name LolitaHaze was my username on girlsense. Many of you may have searched the name before and found that a burlesque dancer happened to have the same name (don't go searching for it! It's badddddd)

    Anywho, my name is based on the Lolita style which is popular in Japan (mostly victorian like frilly dresses and ribbons and even the gothic lolita style). Also, the name Haze is from the book by Nabokov called Lolita (I thought it would sound cool to add the last name on since I do enjoy that authors works....although the book is meant for "mature" readers)

    As a side note, if you're coming to this site for the dancer, you're in the wrong place. This is a safe site for girls and has to do with fashion ...

  5. How do I edit/delete my posts?

    After creating a forum, or post; you will have a 10 minute period in which you can edit, or delete your post. After this 10 minute period you will be unable to do so. If you want one of your posts/forums deleted, message a Moderator, Admin or Mallory (site owner) with the link and we'll delete it for you. 

    ~Glammie. [Moderator.]

  6. What are Mods and Admins? How can I become one?

    Mods and admins are "Moderators and Administrators." They keep the site running whilst the site owner (Mallory/LolitaHaze) is busy. They make sure the site stays a safe community for everyone. Current admins are: Glam (myself), Hugs, Acacia, Hearts & DollyLush1.

    Mods are basically admins with less powers, they can delete, lock, sticky or edit posts. However, they cannot make general changes to the site.

    To be a mod? You will be picked out and messaged with the opportunity, or sometimes we will have contests or applications to become a Moderator.

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  1. What is TheLolitaVideos?

    TheLolitaVideos is our offical youtube page. We post beauty tricks, fashion advice and more! ^^

  2. How do I join?

    To join; you must either be invited by another member or must've got the permission from 3 members on the channel.

  3. Who runs the account?

    It's a collaboration between around 15 members. :3

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